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HENMARK Information Technology Limited was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, as an Information Technology Solution firm to carry Information and Communication technology services. .

We are a certified firm of specialist Information Technology Solutions, providing a broad range of generalist and specialist Information Technology Services.Henmark Information Technology Limited has well tested and professionally trained young, functional and highly motivated management team and staff, who are driven by a single purpose, which is the actualization of the vision and mission of the firm. Our prompt service delivery to our clients is second to none. Our client base is highly diversified and it covers: Government parastatals, Banks, Hotels, Non-governmental organizations, Embassies, Estates, Private businesses & Individuals.

We successfully integrate business strategy, technical know-how and user-experience making us the partner of choice for innovative organizations.Our commitment, profound interest in our client’s satisfaction, vision and determination, our timely delivery, technical capabilities, and our success story make us unique. The Information Technology (IT) and the Communications age has brought with it new ways of doing businesses – the Information Society – the Knowledge economy. For effective and efficient management of information, human and material resources, organizations (big or small) have to invest in acquiring Information and Communications Technologies. Thus, the computer has become a tool for the realization of corporate and strategic goals in areas of manpower development, product/service delivery and after sales support services. IT and Telecom are essential for enhancing business value. It has also become a tool for empowerment. In today’s world IT knowledge and skills make the difference.

IT literacy is a necessity and the demand for competent IT professionals is high and growing everyday. In the ICT industry many need to know what and how to acquire skills that will enhance their value and give them competitive advantage. Learning is Lifelong.To fully maximize the use of the computers, to acquire expertise that makes the difference, individuals and result-oriented organizations must work hand-in-hand with firms that not only have the required expertise and experience, but also have a client-oriented focus like Henmark Information Technology Ltd

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in information and communication technology service delivery by establishing the best ICT solutions for efficient management of public and private sectors of the economy. To achieve this we ensure that we develop enterprise solution for individuals, government and corporate organizations to be able to manage their products, Services, businesses, organizations, firms etc, efficiently. Our solution alleviates the various risks affecting the achievement of long and short-term wealth maximization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strategically position individuals and corporate organizations achieve success by providing total information technology solutions that will unlock opportitunies and empower them to meet the challengies of an emerging economy.

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